Dial Forever

Released: 25/03/2016

Label: Other Electricities

Bacanal Intruder returns to Other Electricities with "Dial Forever." The album’s secret ingredient is a bold catalogue of seemingly-opposed polarities forced to reconcile via Music (with a capital M and probably italicized too).
The point and counterpoint are often disparate: Flesh-warm acoustica paired with the cool shine of plastic electro squelching; Planes of gurgle-pulse digital slop progressively refined by locked-in infinitely-spiraled riffs and linear grooves; Sparse, infrequent, and revelatory vocals that alchemize sonic distance and aural obscurity into intimate signifiers of vulnerability.
You could compare "Dial Forever" to a sexy/sad snow globe, a pop-up book about beautifully overgrown cemeteries, or standing beachside on a windy night as atmospheric electro-acoustic waves crash on singer-songwriter shores comprised of countless tiny specks of delicate intricacy.

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